Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tourism South Borneo Batu Hapu Cave

Batu Hapu Cave Borneo or South Kalimantan

Hapu Batu Cave, located in the town of Batu Hapu be taken Hatungun area about 43 km from Kota Rantau and 154 km from Pontianak Kalimantan Island, we know that Borneo is famous for its natural resources., located in the village Hatungun Batu Hapu Sub, is a cave that has a great panoramic view, has stalagnit and stalagmites that decorate the cave. This place is located far from markets Binuang 16 km with a road that is good enough, followed by a leisurely stroll while enjoying the rural atmosphere and scenery natural shades mountain for 30 minutes.

Cave Batu Hapu is located in the hills, so that has a hobby of rock climbing challenges here is the place to test his nerve.   Batu Hapu Cave is a cave that has a wonderful panorama that has adorned stalagnit and stalagmites in caves that can inspire greatness of Almighty God in His creation as subjects of natural knowledge, this cave has been getting a touch of repair and remodeling, the Local Government in relation to damages caused the greed of unscrupulous people who are only after a moment of economic benefits without ingratitude towards others which is provided by natural. According to the legend that he has been a local myth about the origin of Goa Batu Raden Hapu is the bride who was cursed by his mother, Ingsun be considered among the rocks and pieces of his ship into the mountain and the cave that is there now.


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