Sunday, August 15, 2010

Goyang Karawang or Jaipong Karawang

Dance jaipongan mentioned as the base of the emergence of the term rocking Donegal, Donegal development in itself was very memprihatiankan now, amid the pressure of modern art from day to day more attractive, especially by teens. This can be seen from the lack of events or performances Jaipongan especially in the celebration events are less prestige than a single organ, dangdut and other modern art.

Departure from the concern about the erosion of the existing art in Kararawang, especially this Jaipongan, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in collaboration with DG Lodaya National Unity and Political Department. The Interior, on Wednesday (10/12) yesterday held a celebration in GSG (Gordon) Panathayudha, titled Dance Competition Jaipongan Karawang regency.
Followed by about 40 participants, average age 14 years old (teenagers), this event became a proving ground, that Jaipongan not yet extinct in Donegal, because there are still fans, and most importantly there are still those who care to preserve it. At least, the participation of 40 young women who came from Donegal and also some of them also come from other areas, such as Purwakarta, Bogor, Jakarta and surrounding areas into a proof.

"If we do not fix, not maintained and preserved, may someday become Jaipongan only historical record only. Because, it's been the perpetrators of the art in this area is less a place, devotees are rare. In addition, people were more like modern art than the art area, "said NACE Permana, Chairman of the NGO Lodaya well as the chairman of the event, explained the purpose of holding this show.
This race is expected Jaipongan can help in restoring the public's love of art and culture that exist in the region, especially Jaipongan. With that expectation, then he and the organizers of this race event held at locations open at page GOR panathayuda, from morning till night.
 "We deliberately did not enter inside the building, so that his impression is not exclusive, so that people can watch for free," explained NACE who also said that participants of this race is free.

Besides a positive reaction to the increasingly fading Jaipongan arts, this event is also meant to commemorate the anniversary day of the oath of youth and Karawang to 375, which although has passed but his spirit will certainly continue to exist, and proved to be translated from ditentukannnya that the competitor is a maximum 25-year-old , which are intended also as a venue for the regeneration of the artists who are seniors.

 Transactions sex in Goyang Karawang dancer
Responding to the negative connotations attached to dance and shake jaipongan Karawang, NACE recognizes that it is true, but at least he and his colleagues in the NGOs and also the Arts Council of Karawang, hoping that it will gradually fade assumption, and with the step significant role in preserving the rocking Donegal will restore the image in a positive sense.

"We are here to prove that the rocking Donegal not only with geolnya only, not with giteknya course, but there is an element of art that is remarkable. And maybe if we change the connotation of it, this is a rocking rocking karawang fighters in Donegal so could destabilize Indonesia, that's really rocking Karawang, "please NACE.


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