Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Banyuwangi Batik East Java Design Batik Banyuwangi

DURING this, people identify with the city of Solo and batik in Pekalongan Central Java and Yogyakarta. Although, the business of batik in Java Island, is actually not only the range in it-there. Banyuwangi regency, East Java, is one of the batik producers, who seldom be visited people. In fact, the typical characteristic of batik Banyuwangi with his elephant uling, can not be dismissed.

Elephant uling is the basic form of batik Banyuwangi. In the production of batik fabric of this city, there's always the elephant picture uling. From the home he said, the word is a combination word of the elephant, and uling, which is a kind of snake that live in water (a kind of eel).

Trait was shaped like a question mark, which philosophically is a form of the elephant's trunk and simultaneously form uling. In addition to the main element, the character of batik is also surrounded by a number of other attributes. Among them, the butterflies, ropes (a kind of marine plants), and Manggar (flower nut or coconut flower).

Not many people know, that actually Banyuwangi is one area of origin of batik in Indonesia. Many original batik motif typical Blambangan Earth. But until now, only 21 species native Banyuwangi motif that is recognized nationally.

The types of batik Banyuwangi was one of them include:
1. Elephant Uling
2. Kangkung Setingkes
3. Alas Kobong
4. Paras stocky
5. Coffee Break
6. Gèdèkan
7. Ukel
8. Moto Pitik
9. Sembruk Worms
10. Blarak Semplah
11. Gringsing
12. Sekar Jagad

All names of original batik motif of this Blambangan Earth was heavily influenced by natural conditions. For example, Batik Elephant Uling a well-known, the motive in the form of animals such as eels that size is quite large. Motif Sembruk Worms also like worms and motive motive Gedegan also like gedeg (woven bamboo). Batik motifs that there is a reflection of natural wealth that is in Banyuwangi. Batik motif as in Banyuwangi will not be found in other areas and is typical of Banyuwangi.


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